Download stunning 50+ cars HD wallpapers best for your desktop background. In this super car hd wallpaper roundup we included popular cars around the world.
In this post you will get best free online CSS3 Box Shadow Generator tools. These tools allow you to generate a css3 code that make shadow to an HTML box.
It's a list of 25 the best free Music & Audio Android Apk of 2014. Using these apps you will experience the best music and audio output from your phone.
With the 25+ Best Resume & CV HTML Templates you will have an excellent online resume and CV with portfolio, resume and contact section
Creating responsive web applications with fluid and maintainable interfaces can be a challenging task. Desktop developers have it much easier with their tools and workflows. You may be thinking, are there any tools fit for JavaScript? The huge rise of Web apps being created today and made needing better tools and frameworks a must have.
In this collection, we are going to showcase some of the best examples of an important UI element for a website that is loading bars. The loading bar will be useful to disclose the user that some task is running.
This collection is divided into 10 different categories, such as: Social Media, Electronic devices, Beverages, Food, autumn, summer, spring, Season Greetings and not only.
Jason started his career as a caricaturist in a very weird way: he drew parodies of his history teacher when he was in high school, which got him into a bit of trouble. Thankfully, his principle came up with the idea that he -Jason- should do more drawings, this time depicting different teachers.
Designers should be obsessed by designing with the user in mind at all times.User-centered web design is defined as the objective of designing to increase the usefulness as well as usability of websites. There are many factors that apply to both usefulness and usability; navigability and efficient information retrieval are just two examples. Another way of looking at usefulness is how relevant the web content of the site is to the user, and usability can also be looked at in terms of ease of use.
The best graphic design and web design resources of the week. You can get some awesome freebies, some great startups and websites as well as design tools.
Today we've collected the best and latest Bootstrap templates to speed up the process of website development. We hope you'll like these Bootstrap templates.
Being a web designer requires a lot of creativity in your field, utmost persistence, and knowledge of different tools suited for different projects.
Many of us have been to a website which left us feeling unhappy, website disasters that make users insane are commonly seen today. There are tons of websites being built everyday, but many of them contain these mistakes we are about to show you. Poorly designed websites don't make for good views or sales, they are often impacted by the small things that many of us hate.
When thinking about tear-off ads we usually associate them with local people looking to advertise their skills. Creating tear-off advertising can be quick and practical and some big companies even use this technique of advertising. Most of us think of tear-off ads as a boring piece of white paper with tear-off contact information, you probably haven’t seen these fun and clever tear-off ads.
Balcony is the nose on the face of your house or your apartment. A nice nose can make the face more beautiful and attractive. There are hundred ways to make your house amazing. Check 20 inspiring designs for decorating small balcony here and choose some inspirations for your balcony!