Once upon a time, about an hour away from where I currently live, worked a web designer who loved his Photoshop comps and fixed-width layouts. And well, I don’t want to spoil the ending, but that designer was me.Over time, I’ve come up with a few basic guidelines that, should you find yourself without a mobile phone or a tablet, will help you design websites that make things look good on most mobile browsers anyway.
Collection consists of all the latest and best handpicked UI kits available over the net and their being free of cost only adds to their appeal.
Let’s face it, wall hooks aren’t the most exciting feature, but you haven’t seen these 26 Weird and Wonderful Wall Hook Designs. Even the most common everyday object like Wall Hooks can be turned into some weird and creative. We’ve manually handpicked these cool wall hook designs, some are bizarre and strange while others are strong and would looks rather good in a trendy hom
In today's tutorial we'll be teaching you how to Create a CSS3 Login Form Tutorial which you can easily integrate with your website. Featuring a dark and clean login interface which includes login labels, fields, password link and button. Take a look at this CSS3 Login Form Tutorial to get started learning the basics on how to create this cool and dark login form. Having a visually appealing login form on a website can help attract visitors to sign up and login.
You’ll have seen AddThis on any number of sites, including this one where we’re currently testing it out, and the company are now releasing AddThis Pro, an enhanced set of tools designed to increase social media engagement and track your success
Collection of the best free jQuery plugins that are excellent to be used in a variety of designs. jQuery code is flawless and can be easily manipulated
Digital CG artwork basically serves as an inspiration for different conceptual artworks for examples Hollywood movies also use digital CG artwork in movies.
Add a beautiful and highly flexible jQuery banner rotator to your site with ease! This jQuery Banner Rotator from Flashcomponents.net isn't just a slick way to show off the best parts of your website; it's also extremely flexible and customizable. Choose from an HTML version or WordPress plugin, and start picking sizes, transitions types, navigation style and more! With unlimited slides and loads more tools, this responsive banner rotator is everything your site needs! Act now and you can save more than 50% off the regular price of any of the 3 license options!
If you love using brochure templates for your projects, then you will definitely love this article. Using brochures templates is a fancy way to easily attract customers to your business. Eye candy is they way to go, and you know this. You need to carefully pick templates, so you don’t seem tacky.
The July edition of what’s new for web designers includes new web apps, frameworks, grid systems, game platforms, inspirational resources, Photoshop plugins, text editors, and some really great new fonts.
With back to school season right around the corner, chances are that educators are thinking about the best ways to present their class information. An easy way to connect with students and parents is through a website. Here we look at 25 great options for creating a WordPress website using a theme designed just for schools, educators or learning professionals.
We have gathered the most amazing and creative personal portfolio websites to help all the brilliant designers in inspiring them for creating wonderful
As a designer, you probably live in an urban area. Sure, urban areas are definitely not without their charm, but sometimes you just want to get away from it all, and see a breathtaking landscape or ten. However, also because you are a designer, taking the time off to go visit foreign places can prove a bit difficult, with all the deadlines that keep piling up.
List of great freebies including PSDs, Icons, themes, jQuery, CSS and HTML5 based stuff for web designers, developers as well as bloggers too.
We’ve managed to round up 10 biggest design bundles ever sold on the web, with a price that is affordable, and the content is a must-have. You will surely not be disappointed with the product, and it will fulfill your creative needs.