Today’s freebie is a nice colorful retro background. Feel free to use it in commercial and non-commercial projects, personal websites and printed work, as long as it’s a part of a larger design. Please do not sell it, redistribute it yourself, claim it as your own or give it as a bonus item to boost sales for your own products. Download it now!
In this collection you will find a wide variety of designs, such as: cars, bikes, vintage, fight gear, skulls, wings, music, and not only! With such a collection you will definitely save precious hours of work, without sacrificing the quality of your designs!
This keyboard is called “Shorcut-S”, and it is the brain-child of Sorin Neica. Together with 5 other friends, including co-founder Sandu Cucui from Vienna and USA Project Coordinator Maria Chindea from Georgia, Sorin worked for 18 months to reach the 319-key design (299 pre-defined keys and 20 customizable ones) that allows you to have quick access to 372 of the most used tools, filters and functions Adobe Photoshop has to offer.
The guys from DesignTNT have been pretty busy for the past couple of weeks, and managed to create a lot of new design goodies. And when I say a lot, I’m not kidding. They released a huge collection of 66 design resources, including: vectors, high resolution textures, Photoshop Brushes, Web Elements, UI Kits, and more!
This year scroll activated animations along with lazy animations are going to pull the strings. They bring their own touches and appeal to the website.
If you think your readers some more information or additional navigation options, a very good solution is to use tooltips. Tooltips are common graphical user interface, which is used in combination with a cursor, usually a mouse pointer. User hovering the cursor over an item, without clicking, and a box or a small window will appear with more information about the product floating on top. To give you additional features and tooltip best and easiest solution is to JavaScript, especially jQuery. In this paper, we have collected the best 10 jQuery tooltip plugins and tutorials to help you projec
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This weeks design of the week is an animated GIF created by Mikey Romano featuring the Back to the Future DeLorean landing and taking off.
With so many new mobile phones, tablets and other devices coming out every day, designers have to be prepared to make common functions easy to do on these devices. The usual approach to this is responsive design. However, what some of us are still trying to figure out is how to use responsive design for things other than viewing.Today, we’ve found a few responsive web sites that do a great job in keeping their forms both intact and useful not just on desktop, but on mobile too.
We’re back with the biggest and most awesome design bundle ever featured. You’re probably familiar with the Full Design Library, one of our all time bes
We give you the list of our top 20 picks of inspirational food photography. Enjoy and do try not to let your mouth water too much!
It’s the perfect deal for both graphic and web designers looking to save precious hours.Our sister website, InkyDeals, is back with the biggest and most awesome design bundle ever featured. You’re probably familiar with the Full Design Library, one of their all time best-sellers.
Since winter is almost over, and we’re all starting to prepare for the Spring Holidays, we wanted to surprise you with a very useful 40% discount on all products available on! This means you get top-quality design goodies at unbelievably low prices!
This goes double for artist Tatsuo Horiuchi, a 74 year-old Japanese man who has found he can make beautiful artwork using Microsoft Excel.It can be argued that the true artist can make art with whatever tools he has at hand. Singer and songwriter Tom Waits once said that “some songs come out of the ground just like a potato. Others you have to make from things you found, like your mothers’ pool cue, your dads’ army buddies, your sisters’ wristwatch… that type of thing. You’d be surprised what you can find if you’re, you know, resourceful.”
With SquareSpace (and similar platforms) out in the market, Do-It-Yourself website design just got more powerful. Here’s what it means for website developers in terms of leveraging SquareSpace as a development tool and in terms of adding value to what SquareSpace cannot do.